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Are you ready to take the Most Accurate and 

In-Depth Enneagram Assessment & Report Available

Designed to Give You A Deeper Level of Self-Knowledge and Self-Awareness?

“We see the world as we are;

not as it is”

                              Anais Nin

How to Get Your iEQ9 Report

If you want to take the iEQ9 assessment and get the individualized Enneagram Report that comes with it, here’s what to do:


Click the button below and purchase either the Standard or Pro version of the iEQ9.



With the Standard version, you get a 20-page report that includes:

  • ​Core Enneagram Type

  •  27 Subtypes

  •  Centers of Expression (Centers of Intelligence)

  •  Wing Influence

  •  Self-Awareness and Integration

  •  Strain Levels

  •  Lines of Tension and Release (Stress and Security)

With the Pro version, you get a 41-page report that includes everything in the Standard version, PLUS:

  • ​Communication

  •  Giving and Receiving Feedback

  •  Feedback Guide for All Types

  •  Conflict and Triggers

  •  Decision Making

  •  Leadership and Management

  •  Team Behavior

  •  Coaching Relationship Tendencies

  •  BONUS Development Exercise Box


This 50-page report, helps couples gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their partner, leading to a more fulfilling and harmonious relationship:

  • Reignite the passion in your relationship

  • Connect more deeply and genuinely

  • Bring out the best in each other

  • Reduce miscommunication and hear more clearly

  • Deepen understanding and compassion

  • Honour each other's parenting style

  • Enrich your lives together

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