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Rodd and Jess work with couples to create deep intimacy, connection, and effective communication through understanding core motivations, how that shows up in behavior, habitual patterns, self identity, and the identity of the couple. We are building a community of acceptance, authenticity and support.

What is the Enneagram?

Simply put, the Enneagram is a personality typing tool that uncovers the motivations behind our behavior.  The nine points on the Enneagram represent the nine distinct ways of relating to ourselves and others.  Each of the nine types has a distinct way of thinking, feeling, and acting.  

The Enneagram system is a tool for self knowledge and self awareness, and unlike other Personality typing systems looks at not only our strengths, but also our weaknesses and unhealthy behavior.   Learning and working with the Enneagram is truly a journey and will be profoundly transformational. 

To learn your type you can self assess by learning about all of the types and/or you can take an assessment.  The only assessment we trust is the IEQ9 by Integrative Enneagram.   The assessment comes with a robust report including your type, sub-type, wings, six levels of stress and strain, centers of express (intelligence), and much more.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”


We offer coaching, workshops, and retreats based on the Enneagram.

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We met in 2016 after both of us had been divorced after 18 year marriages.  From the moment we met, we felt like we were at home with each other.  We both knew that we wanted to be together and did not want to repeat the mistakes of our first marriages.  We’ve practiced having a high level of acceptance, low judgement, self awareness, and personal responsibility.  

We believe that our past trials have brought us to a place where we can support others in restoring their relationship with themselves, and in turn with others.




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